Customer Service





  • 1999$ or less: Orders will ship for a 100$ to 250$ flat rate to the selected location.
  • 2000$ or more: Orders will ship for free to these selected locations.

Canada Only. Please note these ARE NOT Gorila Fitness warehouses, YOU CANNOT BUY OR EXCHANGE DIRECTLY AT THESE LOCATIONS. If you need information on your order please contact Gorila Fitness customer service directly, and NOT the pick-up location. Shipping time to one of these locations will add up to 7-14 business days to the usual shipping time as we have to consolidate your order with other customer orders. Make sure you have your receipt in hand for a pick-up in these locations. If you have selected a pick-up in one of these locations please wait for our team to contact you by phone or email with a pickup date. Once you have a date, be sure to pick up the right day since your order will only be kept on-site for 48 hours before it's returned to us and you will be responsible for any additional delivery charges. You also have to make sure you have the right car or equipment to pick up your order, if you want information about the dimension of the items please feel free to contact our customer service. We suggest you call the pickup location to verify business hours for pick-ups as they can differ.

Make sure nothing's missing or damaged before leaving with your items. If something is missing or damaged, tell the depot to make note of it, bring the items with you and contact us right away by phone or email. We will take care of the exchange or mistake as soon as possible.



9701 Highway 50 
Woodbridge, Ontario 
Canada L4H 2G4

Tel: 905.893.2600 


2411 Holly Lane 
Ottawa, Ontario 
Canada K1V 7P2

Tel: 613.747.7020


11440 - 54th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2C 4Y6

Tel: 403.264.1687 

Thunder Bay

340, Simpson Street 
Thunder Bay, Ontario 
Canada P7C 3H7

Tel: 204.633.8730 


477 Keewatin Street 
Winnipeg, Manitoba 
Canada R2X 2S1

Tel: 204.633.8730 


12202 Rotary Avenue 
(GTH Global Transportation Hub) 
Regina, Saskatchewan 
Canada S4M 0A1

Tel: 306.781.7733 


2501 Faithfull Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
Canada S7K 4K6

Tel: 306.652.8546 


1375 Kingsway Avenue 
P.O. Box 100
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Canada V3C 1S2

Tel: 604.941.0691 


Valleywide Freightways Inc.
131 Tilley Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V2V 2K5

Tel: (250) 766.1717 


6858 Veyaness Road
Saanichton, British Columbia
Canada V8M 2A8

Tel: 250.652.0202 

St. John's

St. Anne's Industrial Park
P.O. Box 14058, Station A
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1B 4G8

Tel: 709.782.4231 


160 Frenette Ave.
Moncton, New Brunswick
Canada E1H 0E2

Tel: 506.857.8170 


133 John Savage Ave.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada B3B 0A8

Tel: 902.468.7175 


10020-56th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 5L7

Tel: 780.439.0061