Gorila Elbow Sleeves - Pair

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Gorila Elbow Sleeves - Pair

These 5mm thick Gorila Elbow Sleeves were based on the Gorila Knee Sleeves design and adjusted to fit most elbows. Elbow sleeves will help with preventing injuries by keeping the elbow warm and reducing direct pressure throughout your workout. You can also wear it to perform any repetitive movements with a TRX or a pair of rings to protect your skin from scratches that the strap could cause.

The Elbow sleeves are also a great option for athletes dealing with tendinitis or joint pain.

These kind of sleeves are mostly used for bench press, ring dips, muscle-ups and handstand push-up or handstand walk or any other movement that puts unwanted pressure on your elbows.



Size S M
Elbow Circumference

24 - 28 CM

9,5 - 11 inch

28CM - 33CM

11 - 13 inch

Elbow: When measuring, make sure that the elbow is bent about 30°. Measure the circumference at the level of elbow.


  • Sold in pair
  • Color: Tropic Black or Roses Beige
  • Size: S, M
  • High quality Neoprene
  • 5mm thick
Elbow Guard