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GORILA Fitness was created first to bring Canadians the fitness equipment they deserve. Too many companies with good prices rely on high margins/low quality products that often don’t last more than a year. Gorila is constantly striving to build the strongest and the most durable fitness equipment ever made.

Our products are especially designed for and adapted to the special needs of a new & growing community: Functional Fitness (The "C" word we can't use), Weightlifting and Strongman enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide companies and individuals with high grade professional equipment and services at a fair price, and to help our clients save on shipping fees, customs clearance and additional costs that occur with international orders.



What first began as a home gym project became something much bigger. My brother and I were looking to buy a squat stand online for our personal gym. Seeing that no product would meet our expectations in terms of quality, we decided to build our own.

With the help of a good friend, we assembled a simple squat stand that would be solid enough to resist our biggest lifts! The final product was such a success that a friend asked us to sell it to him and it actually became the first ever Gorila J-108 squat stand. Since then, the orders never stopped coming in and we kept getting better at what we do best: Making INDESTRUCTIBLE things!

Every Gorila product is Tested For Animals.