Gorila Wrist Wraps - TROPIC - Pair

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Gorila Wrist Wraps - TROPIC - Pair


Gorila Wrist Wraps are a staple piece to always have with you when training.  Apart from being very supportive during heavy barbell movements, they will aslo provide extra stability and support during other movements like wall balls, handstand walk or handstand push-up and much more.

The Gorila Elastic Wrist Protections feature 3" elastic band, 2" wide velcro and 1/2" elastic thumb loop. That's probably the heaviest duty wrist wraps on the planet. #Testedforanimals

We normally suggest 18" wraps for men and 12" for women for the perfect fit.


  • Sold in pairs
  • Flower pattern & White
  • Length: 12″ or 18″
  • Available in different colors
  • BIG heavy duty thumb loop
  • 2” Large velcro and 3” band
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