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RA/S Drag Rope SPR

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RA/S Drag Rope SPR

Rope pull sled is a brutal functional exercise that strikes the upper body, developing both aerobic and anaerobic ability and targeting the back, shoulders, biceps and grip muscles. This exercise involves pulling a heavy sled towards you, which is attached to a rope. The amount of friction you get from exercise will differ greatly between your sled and surface combo choices. The various dimensions and weight of the SPR ropes increase grip muscles.


  • 100% DACRON – More durable and heavier than the mix of materials
  • 10″ heat-shrinkable grips for added grip and protection for your hands
  • 3-STRAND TWISTED – Available in 50 ‘lengths
  • Hook made of 3/16 ” [4.8mm] steel with black powder finish
  • Can pull loads up to 500lbs
  • Ships in 7-10 business days
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