Wall Ball Target Spacer

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Wall Ball Target Spacer

Karen called, she just ordered 150.

The Gorila wallball target spacer is designed to space the target 4,5'' from your rig. Which allows to stand further from the target and limit the rebound of the ball, meaning possibily improve your efficency on wallballs. (Thank us later). 

This bracket is made from a laser cut 0.25'' canadian steel plate, folded precisely to install on your 2.5 '' square tube Gorila® upright. As all our product this steel is coated with a matte black sandtex powdercoating to perfectly match the target. To complete the equipment we suggest one of our two types of medicineball : Performance medicine ball ;  Medecine ball.


  • Made in CANADA
  • 21'' height x 4.5'' large x 2.5'' wide
  • 1/2" Bolts included
  • Fully compatible with all Mandrill & Silverback accessories
  • Powerful Powder Coat Finish
  • Tested for animals
Spacer for Gorila Wallball Target
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