Alligator Football Bar

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Alligator Football Bar


Also known as the football bar, the Gorila Alligator bar features a unique grip pattern to accomodate wide and close grip movements for increased explosive strength, also decreasing the stress a typical straight Olympic bar could have on the shoulder joints. 3 sets of 1,25" in diameter neutral grips and angled handles were carefully sandblasted and toped with a layer of the unique Gorila Fitness matte black textured powder coat for unprecedented quality and durability.

It was built with the average athlete in mind but tested for the strongest out there. It was also designed to fit on most standard Power Racks or Squat Stands. This bar is used by many professionals and athletes to improve shoulders, pectorals and back muscles power and overall strenght through movements like presses and row variations.

For collars that fit speciality bars like the Alligator Bar, see the AXLE 2 Lock Jaw Collars.

*Note that metal-to-metal contact with the bar may cause the finish to wear a little over time.


  • Made in Canada
  • Design: Football Bar / Multi neutral-grip / Swiss Bar
  • Total Loadable Space: 28” (14" per sleeve)
  • Interior Rectangle Dimension: 10" x 41 3/4"
  • Distance Between Collars: 53,125"
  • 6 Handles; 2 Angled spaced at 10”, 4 Vertical spaced at 20” and 28.5”
  • Handle diameter: 1.25”
  • Sleeve diameter: 1.9”
  • Weight: 42LB
  • Total Lenght: 82"
  • 11 Gauge Steel tubes, 7 Gauge components.
  • Compatible with most Olympic bumper & metal plates, will fit most standard Power Racks.
  • Unique Gorila texture, black powder coat finish
  • Gorila Logo sticker
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