Trueform Runner Trainer


TRUEFORM Trainer is lighter weight and easier to use. The Trainer is an affordable, rugged, quality built solution for any commercial training facility or home gym. The included display keeps you informed on your pace, speed, distance, time. The display is compatible with Polar heart rate monitors.

TRUEFORM is the industry leading curved non-motorized treadmill. It's the least steep curve on the market, which promotes good form and allows you to easily control your speed. TRUEFORM is the most natural running surface when compared to running outdoors.

The proprietary Responsive Belt Technology (RBT), reacts to every subtly in your movement;  balance, posture, hip position, foot strike and more. The TRUEFORM requires no power. All the power comes from you, responding to your pace allowing you to go from a walk to a jog, to a sprint, to a stop. Instantly. You will feel when your body is not in the optimal position for running or walking. Long term use of the TRUEFORM will promote better movement patters improving overall health and wellness. TRUEFORM is proven to reduce impact stress which reduces the risk of injury.


  • Dimension (assembled) - 64" x 31" x 63"
  • Running Surface is 17" wide
  • Total Weight - 280lb
  • Formed and welded 7 gauge steel
  • 2" steel tubing frame & handrails
  • Covers made of molded plastic
  • Handrails
  • Handrail Uprights - 6" formed steel tubing
  • Light texture powder coat
  • Custom Paint Not available
  • Belts - Polyurethane reinforced
  • Tread Lower - Molded polymer
  • Tread Surface - Molded thermoplastic elastomer
  • 112 sealed steel ball bearings
  • Pulleys - Injection molded polymer
  • Display - LCD battery
  • Warranty - 2 Years limited*
  • Manufactured in Korea
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